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Table 3 Full list of excerpts given to youth advisory panel (YAP) members

From: Network methods to support user involvement in qualitative data analyses: an introduction to Participatory Theme Elicitation

Number Excerpt text Central
Friendship and social opportunity
 ID3 You’re just trying to beat your friends.  
 ID4 Yeah I was just like competing with myself but like if there was like if we were still in school I would’ve been like ‘I need to beat her.’  
 ID7 Makes you feel like I’m going to be scundered walking about alone but when you have your friend with you like you’d be more encouraged to do more walking if you’re like walking with your friend. Yes
 ID8 Cause if you’re walking to school by yourself it’ll take forever but when you’re with your mates like cause yeah they’re talking about stuff it seems really quick so you could just like walk for ages and you wouldn’t even know. Yes
 ID9 It would have been easier if we were like with our friends. Yes
Social comparison and gender
 ID2 Whenever you found out that you’re actually losing there’s just no point.  
 ID14 I would like to be in her team cos then I wouldn’t have to do work.  
 ID32 You know (Name) gonna get it, she’s going to win it! Nobody tries cos (Name) gets it every week.  
 ID33 There is really no point because see at the end like I am literally only going to do it if you actually do change the PE gear.  
 ID34 It’s just sort of cause you knew you probably weren’t going to win so you’re just like ‘there’s really no point in wearing it’. Yes
Motivations to be active
 ID5 It wasn’t about the competition it was just about seeing how many steps you took.  
 ID6 Yeah you didn’t want to let your team down.  
 ID10 Just being lazy sitting in the house and then instead of sitting down I was just walking about the house even cause there’s nowhere really round my way so I just walk around the house like up and down the stairs and stuff.  
 ID11 Yeah like even like walking more instead of getting your mummy to drop you to places like you just walk down like if it’s not even far away.  
 ID12 Just healthier in general I think, cause I don’t think if you went out and bought one you’d be getting competitions and winning and stuff; think you’ll just be getting fitter.  
 ID13 Like girls want to look more good than just about the competition, like girls will always (care) about their appearance so if you said make them healthier.  
 ID15 Because you look at it and you’ve only took like 5000 (steps); you realise you have to take ten so you just try to push yourself to do it, to try reaching it.  
 ID16 I want to be more active cos if you see your score’s quite low it’s just… You feel kinda bad as everyone else is like really high and actually try and do this.  
 ID17 I don’t want to grow up to be like a wee lazy person who doesn’t do anything!  
 ID18 It was quite interesting like, how many steps you’re doing.  
 ID20 Maybe before that I like I would’ve been way more active but then it just sort of stopped cause I wasn’t as motivated and then like the pedometers would’ve just like started me up again to be competitive.  
 ID21 I’d still do it anyway if there wasn’t any prizes.  
 ID22 Like just get up and do it and then when you do it like it actually makes you feel better so it just makes you want to do more of it. Yes
 ID23 You can set yourself like goals and targets and then try to beat them each day.  
 ID24 It shows you how much like steps you can take in a day, like you wouldn’t even think you were walking that much.  
 ID25 The app was helpful. It worked for me, it worked really well for me.  
 ID26 Cause if you had one in training like I was looking at myself as being like I need to train more to get these up and then I did it.  
 ID31 You do get like a lot of exercise when walking all around school and all upstairs and going down.  
 ID37 It’s not even about like trying to be skinny it’s just about being healthy for me.  
 ID38 It’s just the prizes work cos then you really want to win them and get more competitive.  
 ID39 You’ll become healthier and fitter if you work with it.  
 ID40 Cause you saw that they weren’t just like wee rubbish prizes they were really good ones.  
Contextual factors
 ID27 I reckon the summer one will be higher than it was in school.  
 ID28 Cause when you go to school and you come home and you’re like drained and all and you have to go your homework but in the summer its different cause you don’t have to go to school so you don’t be as tired and you can get more sleep as well.  
 ID29 School is better about the structure part but the summer is better cause you could use it more and you were out more.  
 ID30 Yeah cause you got more time to spend to do stuff. Yes
 ID35 And the problem is should be like every so often check whose lost it and then ask them ‘do you really want another one to continue’ because some people might not want to another one to continue, they are being given it and then they’ll lose that one as well.  
 ID1 I was getting like really mad at (Name) like trying to beat her… she’s doing like 20,000 a day now or something.  
 ID19 Could be like class prizes instead of individual ones.  
 ID36 You didn’t know what progress you were making so it wasn’t really any benefit.