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Table 1 Example of data imputation following grouping task

From: Network methods to support user involvement in qualitative data analyses: an introduction to Participatory Theme Elicitation

Participant ID Excerpt identification number Pile/Group label
P1a ID1b Gp5c
P1 ID2 Gp5
P1 ID3 Gp7
P1 ID4 Gp7
P1 ID5 Gp5
P2 ID1 Gp2
P2 ID2 Gp6
P2 ID3 Gp6
P2 ID4 Gp2
P2 ID5 Gp2
P3 ID1 Gp2
P3 ID2 Gp2
P3 ID3 Gp6
P3 ID4 Gp6
P3 ID5 Gp7
  1. a P1 participant 1, b ID1 excerpt 1, c Gp5 grouping 5