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Table 7 Power calculation for linear secondary outcomes

From: Integrated mental health care and vocational rehabilitation to improve return to work rates for people on sick leave because of depression and anxiety (the Danish IBBIS trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Outcome δ-Value for clinically relevant difference in mean σ-Value for expected SD α Power Test Reference
Difference in depressive symptoms measured by Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) 4 11 0.0167 0.893 t test [85,86,87,88,89]
Difference in anxiety symptoms measured by Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) 4 12 0.0167 0.826 t test
Difference in stress symptoms measured by Cohen et al.’s Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) 5 8 0.0167 1.000 t test [90,91,92,93,94]
Social and work-related function measured by WSAS 4 10 0.0167 0.946 t test  
  1. WSAS Work and Social Adjustment Scale