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Table 3 Descriptions of mHealth Lakefolk Actively Keeping Engaged (mLAKE) trial primary (1°) and secondary (2°) study outcomesa

From: Impact of a community health worker HIV treatment and prevention intervention in an HIV hotspot fishing community in Rakai, Uganda (mLAKE): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  Outcome Description Numerator/event Denominator
HIV care coverageb Proportion # linked to HIV care # HIV-positive
ART coverageb Proportion # on antiretroviral therapy (ART) # HIV-positive
MC coverageb Proportion # non-Muslim men circumcised All non-Muslim men aged 15–49 years
HIV population viremia prevalence (PVP) Proportion HIV+ c VL > 400 All study participants
HIV incidence Rate # new HIV infections HIV-negative person-years
HTS coverage Proportion # ever tested and received HIV results All study participants
ART treatment failurec Proportion Composite: virologic failure or Mortality or lost to follow-up or stopped ART # initiated on ART
Consistent condom useb Proportion # using condoms consistently past 12 months # sexually active
  1. aOutcomes described at the cluster level; outcomes may also be analyzed at the individual level
  2. bSelf-reported
  3. cOutcomes will also be individually analyzed. Virologic failure = any viral load (VL) > 1000 copies/mL. Lost to follow-up = no clinic visit > 180 days
  4. ART antiretroviral therapy, HTS HIV Testing Services, MC male circumcision