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Table 4 Schedule of enrollment, interventions, and assessments

From: Safety of tubal ligation by minilaparotomy provided by clinical officers versus assistant medical officers: study protocol for a noninferiority randomized controlled trial in Tanzanian women

  Study period
  Enrollment Allocation Postallocation
Time pointa Day 0 Day 0 Day 0 Day 3 Day 7 Day 42
 Eligibility screen X      
 Informed consent X      
 Allocation   X     
 Procedure by CO    X    
 Procedure by AMO    X    
 Pregnancy test X      
 Directed physical examination X    X X X
 Adverse events    X X X X
 Interview      X X
  1. AMO Assistant medical officer, CO Clinical officer
  2. aIn most cases, screening, enrollment, allocation, and the tubal ligation by minilaparotomy procedure will all be done on the same day (designated as day 0)