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Table 1 Schedule of study assessments

From: Long-term Effects of high-doSe pitavaStatin on Diabetogenicity in comparison with atorvastatin in patients with Metabolic syndrome (LESS-DM): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  V1 (Baseline) V2 (6 months) V3 (12 months) V4 (18 months) V5 (24 months)
Informed consent     
Medical history
Physical examination
Vital signs
Anthropometric measures   
Blood tests
 Complete blood count    
 Routine blood chemistry   
 Lipid profile   
 Fasting plasma glucose   
 Hemoglobin A1c   
 High-sensitivity CRP    
 Cardiac troponin I    
 Creatine kinase   
Carotid ultrasound
 Strain by B-mode   
 Stiffness by B-mode   
 Distensibility by B-mode   
 Strain by speckle tracking   
 Stiffness by speckle tracking   
 2D measurements   
 M-mode parameters   
 Doppler parameters   
 Tissue Doppler parameters   
 2D speckle-tracking analysis   
 Clinical events
  1. Abbreviations: HOMA-R Insulin resistance index of homeostasis model assessment, HOMA-β Secretory ability of homeostasis model assessment, CRP C-reactive protein, 2D Two-dimensional