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Table 1 Details of acupuncture and superficial acupuncture treatment

From: The long-term effect of acupuncture for patients with chronic tension-type headache: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Group Acupoints Manipulation
Acupuncture Fengchi (GB20) 0.5–0.8 cun (12.5–20 mm) oblique insertion towards the tip of the nose.
Baihui (GV20) 0.5–0.8 cun (12.5–20 mm) subcutaneous insertion.
Taiyang (EX-HN5) 0.3–0.5 cun (7.5–12.5 mm) perpendicular insertion.
Hegu (LI4) 0.5–0.8 cun (12.5–20 mm) perpendicular insertion.
Taichong (LR3) 0.5–0.8 cun (12.5–20 mm) perpendicular insertion.
   Retaining needles for 30 min. Lifting, thrusting, twisting and/or rotating the needles twice every 10 min with intermittent stimulation for maintaining the deqi sensation.
Superficial acupuncture Fengchi (GB20) Controlling depth within 2 mm by inserting needles with limited tubes, and retaining needles for 30 min without any manipulation to avoid deqi sensation as far as possible.
Baihui (GV20)
Taiyang (EX-HN5)
Hegu (LI4)
Taichong (LR3)