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Table 1 Comparison of study arms

From: The PREVENT study to evaluate the effectiveness and acceptability of a community-based intervention to prevent childhood tuberculosis in Lesotho: study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

  Standard of care (SOC) Community-based intervention (CBI)
Adult patients asked to bring child contacts to TB clinic for screening X X
Child contacts screened with symptom questionnaire X X
IPT offered to eligible child contacts X X
Monthly IPT visits X X
HIV testing encouraged for eligible child contacts X X
Active community contact tracing   X
Community-based health education using study brochure   X
Child screening and IPT provision according to clinical algorithm   X
Nurse training and ongoing mentorship   X
Health education for caregivers using treatment literacy curriculum   X
Active tracking of IPT provision   X
Consistent community support via VHW   X
Social support and navigation by VHW   X
SMS medication and appointment reminder messages   X
Review of IPT monitoring data at quarterly multidisciplinary team meetings   X
  1. TB tuberculosis, IPT Isoniazid preventive therapy, VHW village health worker, SMS short message service