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Table 1 Summary of assessments

From: TIGA-CUB – manualised psychoanalytic child psychotherapy versus treatment as usual for children aged 5–11 years with treatment-resistant conduct disorders and their primary carers: study protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility trial

Assessment (and involvement*) Timeline (months post randomisation)
Screening Baseline 4 months 8 months
Eligibility and consent
 • Eligibility (inclusion criteria assessed by clinician) x x   
 • Consent (P)   x   
Background, demographics, interview data (C, P, R)
 • Personal details (e.g. contact details)   x   
 • Current comorbid physical/mental health   x x x
 • Psychotropic medications   x x x
 • Family composition   x x x
 • Difficulties since randomisation    x x
Clinical data (P, R, CSO)
 • Therapy details (CSO)    x  
 • Therapist supervision details (therapist/supervisor)    x  
 • Psychotropic medications details (CSO)    x  
 • Referrals to other services (CSO)    x  
 • Re-referrals to, or referrals within, CAMHS (CSO)    x  
 • Baseline therapist data   x   
 • Serious adverse event reporting Ongoing collection
 • AUDIT-C (P) x    
 • DAST-10 (P) x    
 • SDQ (P) x   x  
 • EQ-5D-Y (P, proxy-completion and C, where able)   x x x (just P)
 • EQ-5D (P)   x x  
 • CBCL (P)   x x x
 • CBCL-TRF (T)   x x  
 • GHQ-12 (P)   x x  
 • Parenting Stress Index (P)   x x  
 • Beck Depression Inventory (P)   x x  
 • Parental Reflective Functioning Questionnaire (P)   x x x
 • Healthcare Resource Use (P)    x  
Process evaluation
 • Primary Carer Recruitment Feedback Questionnaire (P) x    
 • ‘End of trial’ survey (P)    x  
 • Semi-structured interview (sample of P)    x  
 • Child Psychotherapist Focus Groups (CAPT)    **  
  1. *C child, P primary carer, R researcher, CSO clinical studies officer (from case notes), T teacher, CAPT child psychotherapist; **the focus group with CAPTs will be conducted after the final sessions of CP have been delivered
  2. AUDIT-C Alcohol-Use Disorders Identification Test, CBCL Child Behavior Checklist, CBCL-TRF Child Behavior Checklist-Teacher Report Form, DAST-10 Drug Abuse Screening Test, EQ-5D EuroQol 5 Dimensions, EQ-5D-Y EuroQol 5 Dimensions Youth, GHQ-12 General Health Questionnaire, SDQ Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire