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Table 1 Study eligibility criteria

From: SAFE (Sarpogrelate Anplone in Femoro-popliteal artery intervention Efficacy) study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria  
 Age > 18 years  
 Angiographically confirmed significant FP stenosis or occlusion by atherosclerosis  
 Successful FP intervention (residual stenosis < 30% after EVT)  
 Without significant residual inflow disease; intact iliac artery inflow (with or without intervention of iliac or below knee arteries)  
 Patent outflow status; at least one arterial runoff in BTK  
 All kind of FP interventions including POBA, stent, DCB, DES for TASC A ~ D  
Exclusion criteria  
 At risk of hemorrhage, bleeding tendency, or thrombophilia  
 Acute limb ischemia / inflammatory arterial disease  
 Contraindication or allergic to ASA, clopidogrel, Anplone  
 Medication of warfarin  
 Pregnancy, hepatic dysfunction, thrombocytopenia  
 Previous FP bypass surgery or intervention  
 Impossible to stop clopidogrel before EVT  
 Unable to give informed consent.  
  1. FP femoro-popliteal, EVT endovascular treatment, BTK below-the-knee, POBA plain old balloon angioplasty, DCB drug-coated balloon, DES drug-eluting stent, TASC The Trans-Atlantic Inter-Society Consensus, ASA aspirin