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Table 2 Primary and secondary outcomes

From: Impact of early initiation versus national standard of care of antiretroviral therapy in Swaziland’s public sector health system: study protocol for a stepped-wedge randomized trial

Primary outcomes Definition
Retention Alive and in care at each 12-month time point following enrollment
Viral suppression The proportion of individuals alive and in care whose viral load is below 1000 copies/mL (virally suppressed) after six months on treatment
Secondary outcomes Definition
Retention At each six-month time point following enrollment
Viral suppression At each six-month time point following enrollment
Mortality At each six-month time point following enrollment
Visit adherence among those initiated on ART Proportion of missed visits as a number of scheduled appointments among ART-ineligible patients by end of follow-up
Drug resistance Proportion of drug resistance among ART-ineligible patients with two virological failures who have received genotype resistance testing
Tuberculosis Proportion of ART-ineligible patients diagnosed with tuberculosis following enrolment (recurrent and new incident)
ART uptake among those who are eligible Proportion of HIV-positive individuals who are eligible for initiation who are successfully initiated to ART within on the day of, within two weeks, and one and three months of becoming eligible
Cost per patient per year Average public and private healthcare expenditures per patient
Patient satisfaction Average patient satisfaction
Provider satisfaction Average job satisfaction among the professionals providing HIV treatment
Patients’ employment, income, and education Average patients’ employment, income, and educational attainment