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Table 1 Summary of amendments to the HAND-1 feasibility study protocol

From: A feasibility study investigating the acceptability and design of a multicentre randomised controlled trial of needle fasciotomy versus limited fasciectomy for the treatment of Dupuytren’s contractures of the fingers (HAND-1): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial



Summary of changes prior to start of recruitment

v 1.1

27 Aug 2015

• Minor administrative and typographical changes

• Clarification that if a participant requires treatment on more than one finger, then both/all fingers will be treated in the same manner (i.e. both/all with limited fasciectomy or both/all with needle fasciotomy). For any study outcomes that require reference to a single finger, the one which the patient reports pre-operatively as causing the most trouble will be selected



Summary of changes after start of recruitment

v 2.0

21 Jun 2016

• Modification to 6-month follow-up so that participants who are unable to have a 6-month visit within the study follow-up period, because of the waiting time from randomisation to surgery, will be followed up via postal questionnaire only

• Clarification that the qualitative research is carried out by researchers from the University of Bristol, and that participants may pause or stop audio-recordings or discussions with the qualitative researcher at any time

• Clarification of serious adverse event (SAE) reporting timelines and process