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Table 1 Secondary endpoints

From: Effects of intraoperative PEEP optimization on postoperative pulmonary complications and the inflammatory response: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Endpoint Time frame Detailed description
Circulatory failure 28 days Hypotension – MAP < 65 mmHg
Severe cardiac arrhythmia – 40/min < HR > 150/min
ScvO2 < 70%
dCO2 > 7 mmHg
Serum lactate > 2 mmol/L
Severe metabolic acidosis (actual bicarbonate < 18 mmol/L)
Acute coronary syndrome
Acute left ventricular failure
Pulmonary embolism
Cardiac arrest
Gastrointestinal dysfunction 28 days Constipation
Anastomotic leakage
Disorders of liver function
Renal dysfunction 28 days RIFLE criteria
Hematologic and coagulation disorders 28 days Severe bleeding
Coagulopathy – INR > 1.5
Infection 28 days Any infection except from pneumonia
  1. MAP mean arterial pressure, HR heart rate, ScvO 2 central venous oxygen saturation, dCO 2 central venous-to-arterial carbon dioxide gap, INR International Normalized Ratio