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Table 1 Key themes and subthemes relating to participation in trial and follow-up

From: ‘We knew it was a totally at random thing’: parents’ experiences of being part of a neonatal trial

Key themes Subthemes
Deciding to take part Benefitting others:
 • Giving something back
 • Helping other babies and families
 • Improving the provision of care
Benefitting self, baby and family:
 • Feeling valued
 • Access to information and knowledge
 • Hoping for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) result
 • Support from research team
 • Prompt and early diagnosis
Being prepared:
 • Thinking through what is involved and what might happen
 • Inadequate information about the study
The randomisation process Accepting the process:
 • What we would have liked
Understanding randomisation:
 • An equal chance
 • Only one result
Actual engagement Practicalities:
 • The way the study was conducted
 • Impact on parents
Care from responsive staff:
 • Being looked after
 • Needs recognised