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Table 1 Definition of terms used in the GAstric cancer Surgery Trials Reported Outcomes Standardisation (GASTROS) study

From: Standardising the reporting of outcomes in gastric cancer surgery trials: protocol for the development of a core outcome set and accompanying outcome measurement instrument set (the GASTROS study)

Core outcome set (COS) An agreed minimum set of outcomes that should be measured and reported in all trials in a specific condition [11]
Outcome A unique endpoint which attempts to describe health-related changes that occur secondary to a therapeutic intervention, e.g. hospital-acquired pneumonia
Outcome domain A collection of ‘outcomes’ which share common features, e.g. the outcome domain ‘respiratory complications’ would include outcomes such as ‘pleural effusion’, ‘hospital-acquired pneumonia’ and ‘atelectasis’
Outcome measurement instrument (OMI) A method or tool used to measure an ‘outcome’ or an ‘outcome domain’
Outcome measurement instrument set A collection of OMIs which are used to measure outcome domains in a COS