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Table 1 Variables, measures, and methods of analysis

From: Interactive weekly mobile phone text messaging plus motivational interviewing in promotion of breastfeeding among women living with HIV in South Africa: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Variable/Outcome Type Hypothesis Outcome measure Method of analysis
l. Primary
a. Participants recruited Count   Percentage recruited Descriptive statistics
b. Participants consenting Count   Percentage consenting Descriptive statistics
c. Completeness of evaluation of outcomes Count   Percentage with complete outcome evaluation Descriptive statistics
d. Cumulative breastfeeding adherence at six months Binary   Percentage adherence in the last 24 h and 1 week Descriptive statistics
2. Secondary
a. Adherence to exclusive breastfeeding Binary SMS + motivational interview leads to better adherence to breastfeeding than usual care Percentage adherence in the last 24 h and 1 week Logistic regression
b. Time to stopping breastfeeding Time-to-event SMS + motivational interview prolongs time to stopping breastfeeding than usual care Reporting of complete cessation of breastfeeding Kaplan–Meier survival analysis