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Table 1 Outcomes assessed independently during pregnancy, within 3 months of birth, and at 6, 15, and 24 months post-birth scored by the attainment (1) or not (0) of well-being from 10 indicators of maternal and child health

From: To evaluate if increased supervision and support of South African Government health workers’ home visits improves maternal and child outcomes: study protocol for a randomized control trial

Outcome Measure
For Mother
 Adherence to medical regimes Clinic records and self-reports; for mothers living with HIV, there are six prevention of mother-to-child transmission tasks, re-engagement in HIV care post-birth, receipt and adherence to antiretroviral medications over the last week
 Breastfed for 6 months (mixed ok) Self-report and home observations
 Alcohol use (AUDIT-C > 2) Breathalyzer and self-reports
 Mental health (EPDS > 13) Self-reports
For Children
 Growth in height (< −2 SD) Measurements; tape measures and measuring boards calibrated biweekly
 Growth in weight (< −2 SD) Measurements; scales calibrated biweekly
 Adherence to medical regimes Clinic records, self-report, including for diarrhea, immunizations, respiratory illnesses
 Number of hospitalizations and clinic visits Clinic records, self-reports
 WHO Developmental scale in normal range Assessment of child and maternal reports
 Bayley scale in normal range (24 months only) Assessment of the child
 Child Behavior Checklist in normal range on all scales Maternal reports
  1. Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-Clinical Utility (AUDIT-C)
  2. Edinburgh Perinatal Depression Inventory (EPDS)