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Table 2 Extraction fields across different types of health care interventions

From: Avoidable waste related to inadequate methods and incomplete reporting of interventions: a systematic review of randomized trials performed in Sub-Saharan Africa

Extraction fields Type of interventions
Pharmacological (drugs and nutritional supplements) Nonpharmacological (rehabilitation, behavioral treatment, education, psychotherapy) Surgical procedures and medical devices (disposal or implementable) Other (e.g., therapeutic strategies)
Setting (location and type of infrastructure delivering the intervention) x x x x
Dose x    
Mode of administration (e.g., oral versus intravenous) x    
Timing x    
Duration of treatment x    
Treatment adherence x x   
Intervention development process   x   
Intervention content (components)   x   
Equipment or materials used or provided (physical or informational)   x   x
Mode of implementation (e.g., individually versus in groups)   x   
Schedule (frequency or intensity, timing and duration)   x   
Care provider background   x x x
Pre-(operative) care    x x
Anesthesia    x  
Procedure (sequencing of the technique)    x x
Post-(operative) care    x x