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Table 1 Schedule of study activities

From: The effects of a psychological intervention directed at optimizing immune function: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

   Study period
Visit Screening Allocation Intervention period Vaccination day Test day Follow-up
Time point Week 0 Week 4 Weeks 4–10 Week 10 Week 10 Week 14
 Eligibility screen X      
 Informed consent X      
 Allocation   X     
 Intervention condition    X    
 Control condition    X    
 Serum blood sample X    X X X
 Heparin blood sample X    X X  
 Medical screening questionnaire X      
 MINI Psychiatric Interview X      
 IGRA test (interferon-gamma release assay) X      
 HIV test X      
 Vaccination     X   
 Psychophysiological stress tasks      X  
 Saliva samples X    X X X
 Heart rate, heart rate variability and skin conductance levels X     X X
 Questionnaires X    X X X