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Table 3 Progressive resistance training protocol

From: Metformin to Augment Strength Training Effective Response in Seniors (MASTERS): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

14 weeks (42 ± 5 sessions)
  Monday Wednesday Friday
Goal Hypertrophy Power Hypertrophy
Intensity 70% 1RM 40% 1RM 70% 1RM
Reps 8–12 12 8–12
Sets 3 3 3
Rest 60 s 30 s 60 s
  1. Each session includes eight exercises performed bilaterally in pairs, with indicated rest between pairs (chest press/squat, leg press/calf press, lateral pulldown/leg extension, bicep curl/tricep extension), along with core and trunk exercises. Progression to 3 full sets is achieved by session 5. Initial exercise intensity is determined by 1RM for the chest press, leg press, and leg extension, while a 10RM is used for all other exercises. RM repetition maximum