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Table 2 Selection criteria

From: PREDOMOS study, impact of a social intervention program for socially isolated elderly cancer patients: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria
- Patient aged 70 years or older - Socially isolated or at risk of social isolation (m-MOS-SS under 80% [13] and/or isolated patient (caregiver living more than 50 km from the patient) and/or primary caregiver to his/her spouse [the spouse who has a limited autonomy (neurodegenerative disease, cancer, etc.] implying regular medical care for at least 3 months) - G8 score ≤14 - Performance status ≤2 - Autonomous (ADL score ≥4) - Life span >6 months - Metastatic or locally advanced tumor histologically proven from: colon, rectum, pancreas, breast, ovary, lung, superior aerodigestive path, prostate, urothelium - Being treated for first line of chemotherapy or radio-chemotherapy - Patient affiliated to the French care system protection - Informed consent given
Exclusion criteria
- Patient aged under 70 years old - Patient who has to be hospitalized straight away - Patient with psychiatric troubles or advanced dementia - Protected adults under guardianship or curatorship - Patients with a second cancer except for cervical cancer - Patients unable to complete the QoL questionnaire without help - Patient to be directed immediately into a rehabilitation and recuperative care service to benefit from treatment.