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Table 1 Intervention strategies mapped to theoretical constructs

From: A mobile technology intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour in 2- to 4-year-old children (Mini Movers): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Strategies Theoretical constructs
Provide parents with evidence-based guidelines for sedentary behaviour SCT: Knowledge
Provide parents with ideas for minimising sedentary behaviour (e.g. changing activities such as drawing or painting from sitting down to standing up, setting screen time rules, removing screens from bedrooms, leading by example) SCT: Self-efficacy
CALO-RE: Provide instruction on how to perform the behaviour
CALO-RE: Environmental restructuring
CALO-RE: Prompt identification as role model/position advocate
Provide parents with alternatives to sedentary behaviour (e.g. new activities to try, providing practical ideas for entertaining children when cooking dinner) SCT: Knowledge
SCT: Self-efficacy
SCT: Access
CALO-RE: Provide information on where and when to perform the behaviour
CALO-RE: Provide instruction on how to perform the behaviour
Assist parents to set goals to reduce screen time and overall sitting time (e.g. to limit their child’s screen time to 30 min per day) SCT: Goal setting
CALO-RE: Goal setting (behaviour)
Educate parents about benefits of reducing sedentary behaviour and increasing active play (e.g. detrimental effects of screen time on sleep, benefits of active play on development) SCT: Knowledge
CALO-RE: Provide information on consequences of behaviour in general
Provide parents with a goal-checking magnet to monitor their progress with their goals CALO-RE: Prompt self-monitoring of behaviour
Send weekly goal-check SMS CALO-RE: Prompt review of behavioural goals
Provide parents with positive reinforcement and suggest rewards (e.g. an afternoon in the park with their child) when goals are met CALO-RE: Prompt rewards contingent on effort or progress towards behaviour
SCT: Reinforcement
  1. SCT social cognitive theory, SMS short message service