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Table 2 Overview of measures

From: School-based cognitive behavioral interventions for anxious youth: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Measure Scale (informant) T1 T2 T3 T4
Primary outcome measures
 Anxiety symptoms SCAS (c/p)
 Interference of anxiety symptoms CALIS (c/p)
Secondary outcome measures
 Depression SMFQ (c/p)  
 Quality of life KINDL (c/p)  
 General mental health SDQ (c/p)  
 Clinical Global Impression CGI (g)  
Other measures
 Age, gender, socioeconomic status, ethnicity From the youth@hordaland-survey (c/p)    
 Medication, service use, school absenteeism Developed for this study (p)  
 Youth Engagement in and between sessions* YES (c/g)     
 Sleep problems From the youth@hordaland-survey (c)  
 Children’s Automatic Thought Scale CATS (c)
 General Self-Efficacy Scale GSE  
 Family cohesion READ subscale (c)    
 Social support READ subscale (c)    
 Adverse childhood experiences From the youth@hordaland-survey (c)    
 Parenting psychopathology/stress DASS (p)    
 Group leader preference Developed for this study (g)    
 Caregiver strain CGSQ (p)  
 Life events LE (c)    
 Client Satisfaction Scale CSS (c/p)     
 Treatment Credibility and Expectancy Scale (CES-c/p)**     
  1. T1 = Baseline/pre-intervention, T2 = mid-intervention/at 4 weeks, T3 = post intervention/at 10 weeks, T4 = 1-year follow-up. c = child, p = parent, g = group leader
  2. *Administered to group leaders after every session and to youths in session 3-9 (CHILLED) and session3-5 (VAAG)
  3. **Administered to adolescents after session one and to parents after first parent session
  4. SCAS Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale, CALIS Children Anxiety Life Interference Scale, CGI Clinical Global Impression Scale, SMFQ Short Mood and Feeling Questionnaire, KINDL Kinder Lebensqualität Fragebogen, SDQ Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire, CATS Children’s Automatic Thought Scale, GSE General Self-Efficacy Scale, YES Youth Engagement in and between Sessions, CEQ Credibility and Expectancy Questionnaire, READ Resilience Scale for Adolescents, DASS Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale, CGSQ Caregiver Strain Questionnaire; the youth@hordaland-survey = a population-based survey administered by Uni Research Health, CSS Client Satisfaction Scale