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Table 1 Neer’s classification of proximal humeral fractures and radiological inclusion criteria

From: Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for the treatment of Proximal humeral fractures in the Elderly (ReShAPE trial) : study protocol for a multicentre combined randomised controlled and observational trial

Potential fracture “parts” (Neer) Head (H), Shaft (S), Lesser tuberosity(LT), Greater tuberosity (GT)
Definition of a “part” (Neer) >1 cm displacement or >45° rotation. Normal neck shaft angle 130°
Radiological inclusion criteria 3-part fractures:
 H + GT, S and LT
 H + LT, S and GT
 H, LT + GT and S
 H, GT, LT + S
 H, LT, GT + S
4-part fractures:
 H, LT, GT and S