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Table 1 Analysis of traditional design performance

From: Sample size determination for a binary response in a superiority clinical trial using a hybrid classical and Bayesian procedure

Uncertainty m 2m 1 Performance
\(\tau _{1}^{2}=\tau _{2}^{2}\) <1/3 Increases as \(\tau _{1}^{2}=\tau _{2}^{2}\) increases
  >1/3 Decreases as \(\tau _{1}^{2}=\tau _{2}^{2}\) increases
\(\tau _{1}^{2}\) small <(1−m 1)/2 Increases as \(\tau _{2}^{2}\) increases
  >(1−m 1)/2 Decreases as \(\tau _{2}^{2}\) increases
\(\tau _{1}^{2}\) large >2/3−m 1 Increases as \(\tau _{2}^{2}\) increases
  <2/3−m 1 Decreases as \(\tau _{2}^{2}\) increases