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Table 1 Biassing of assessment outcomes: example from a codesign workshop

From: Publishing protocols for trials of complex interventions before trial completion – potential pitfalls, solutions and the need for public debate

Emma: ‘To be honest, like, I, from my experience, and I had a really hard time after Edgar was born, my second one. And, erm, had to fill in Edinburgh thing.’
Anna: ‘Yeah, the depression thing, yeah.’
Emma: ‘Yeah, and I totally, like, filled it in ‘cause I didn’t want to have depression (laughter), so like, I like, I Googled it and everything, you know, to see what score you needed. (Laughter) and, erm.‘
Anna: ‘Wow.’
Emma: ‘Well no, I Goo- ‘cause you can do it online can’t you? And then I came up with like 12.5 or something and you needed 11 to not have depression, so I was like… And then the health visitor came round so I was thinking, “Right, 11” …’
(Participant names have been changed to respect confidentiality)