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Table 1 Rehabilitation weeks 9–16

From: Efficacy of early controlled motion of the ankle compared with no motion after non-operative treatment of an acute Achilles tendon rupture: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Basic exercises
 Exercise bike: 10–15 min
 Ankle range of motion (pronation and supination, dorsal and plantar flexion. Dorsal flexion to 90 degrees. The other movements unlimited): 2 × 8 reps
 Standing heel-rise (2 × 3 s tempo) 3 × 10 repsa
 One leg standing balance exercise: 3 × 30 sa
Weeks 9–11
 Basic exercises
 Exercises with resistance band around the foot in sitting position (knee extended, dorsal flexion to 90 degrees, plantar flexion and inversion): 2 × 20 reps
 Side laying hip abduction: 2 × 15 reps
 Heel-rise in supine position with flexed legs: 2 × 15 reps
 Sitting heel-rise with weight on injured leg (20–25 repetitions maximum): 3 × 15 reps
 Gait training
 Once a week, the training is situated in a pool where similar exercises are performed.
Weeks 12–16
 Basic exercises (as above)
 Walk on toes with support to start with, if needed: 2 × 5 m
 Standing heel-rise is performed with increased weight on injured leg: 5 × 10 reps
 Heel-rise in supine position with flexed legs (with increased weight on injured leg): 2 × 15 reps
 Leg press with one leg at a time (10 repetitions maximum): 2 × 10 reps
 Balance exercise on a trampoline: 2 × 45 s
 Walk/jog on a trampoline: 2 × 45 s
 Cross trainer: 1 min and 45 s
 Lunges (only with injured leg in front): 2 × 10 reps
 The plank (core exercise): 2 × 45 s
 This program is performed as circle training.
Return to running—from week 14
 Jogging upwards on stairs is allowed when the patient can walk 5 m on toes without heel falling down.
 Running on even ground is allowed when the patient can perform 5 single-legged heel-rises with approximately 90% of the height of the un-injured leg.
After completed rehabilitation program
 Examination of tendon healing and function. If needed, referral to further physiotherapy. Gradual return to sports (contact sports earliest 6–9 months after injury)
  1. aHome exercises, three times daily