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Table 1 Elements in the proposed metadata scheme for clinical research data objects

From: A metadata schema for data objects in clinical research

Mandatory Recommended Optional
A.1 Source study titlea A.2 Study identifier recordsa
A.3 Study topicsa
B.1 DOI (1)
B.3 Object title
B.5 Version B.2 Object other identifiersa
B.4 Object additional titlesa
C.1 Creatorsa   C.2 Contributorsa
D.1 Creation year   D.2 Datesa
E.1 Resource type general E.2 Resource type
E.3 Descriptiona
E.5 Language
E.6 Related identifiersa
E.4 Subjects (of data object)a
F.1 Publisher
F.3 Access type
F.4 Access details (2)
F.5 Access contact (2)
F.6 Resourcesa
F.2 Other hosting institutionsa F.7 Rightsa
  1. DOI Digital object identifier
  2. (1) Mandatory for publicly accessible data objects, recommended for all others
  3. (2) Mandatory if access is non-public
  4. aMay be repeating