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Table 2 Summary of feedback responses given by ENGAGE-HD research staff in semistructured interviews

From: Integrating technology into complex intervention trial processes: a case study

Question Response Number of respondents
Have you previously collected research data for studies? If yes, how did you collect the data? No 1
Yes, mainly using paper Case Report Forms (CRFs) 1
Yes, using paper CRFs then entered into a database 4
What was your experience of using an iPad prior to your work on ENGAGE-HD? None 1
Limited 2
Personal use 4
What was your experience of using an iPad on ENGAGE-HD? Positive 6
What were some of the advantages? Mobility/ability to be able to work across NHS and other sites. 4
Ease of use 5
Facilitation of data entry 3
3G/Signal 2
In-built data validations 1
Ability to use additional apps 3
What were some of the disadvantages? None 1
System crashed once 1
Repeated log-ons (at each visit to the database web page) slowed process 1
Only one device per site 1
Form design not optimum (for giving feedback and because of repetitive data entry). 2
Poor battery life 1
Did you use the added functionality of the iPad during the trial? If so how? No 0
Yes Skype® 5
Camera for photographing documents 2
Audio-recording 4
Secure e-mail 2
Was the support you were given adequate? No 0
Yes 6
Has the use of the iPad on ENGAGE-HD influenced your view on working with it in clinical trials in future? Not really 1
Yes Would use in future studies 3
A useful option 1
But might not work for all studies such as text-heavy qualitative studies, etc. 1