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Table 3 Comments indicating exclusiveness in the approach to screening

From: Understanding variations in patient screening and recruitment in a multicentre pilot randomised controlled trial: a vignette-based study

Screener F2 (a low recruiting centre) excluded 11 women (5 of whom were included by the majority), on the grounds of missing information, e.g. ‘Need to check notes and if documented that patient has stress incontinence and received PFMT then would be eligible but if it is only on patient’s say so then further investigations would be beneficial to give a diagnosis’ (patient 3); ‘Would need to clarify what conservative measures patient had tried, if PFMT then would be eligible if family complete’ (patient 6); ‘No mention of PFMT and type of incontinence would need establishing and high possibility given age of having more children’ (patient 11).
Screener C2 (a low recruiting centre) excluded 8 women (3 of whom were included by the majority), e.g. ‘History suggests at least some OAB and has had urodynamics before’ (patient 16).
  1. OAB overactive bladder, PFMT pelvic floor muscle training