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Table 2 Top 10 concerns prioritised by stakeholder groups in the BRAVO study

From: Exploring methods the for selection and integration of stakeholder views in the development of core outcome sets: a case study in reconstructive breast surgery

Items prioritised in ‘top 10’ concerns All stakeholders combined All HCPs Professional subgroup All patients Patient subgroups
Type of reconstructive surgery Timing of reconstruction Age of women undergoing BR (years) Time since BR
Breast surgeon Plastic surgeon CNS Psych Implant-based LD flaps Abdo flap TM IBR DBR <45 45–60 >60 <24 months post-op >24 months post-op
Short-term complications
 Systemic complications                  
 Bleeding-related complications                 
 Wound-related complications         
 Implant-related complications  
 Flap-related complications    
 Major complications
Long-term complications
 Long-term implant-related complications                   
 Long-term flap-related complications                   
 Donor-site complications                   
 Unplanned surgery for any reason           
Symptoms following reconstructive breast surgery
 Breast symptoms                   
 Arm and shoulder symptoms                   
 Implant-related symptoms                   
 Donor-site symptoms                   
Psychosocial issues
 Body image            
 Emotional well-being             
 Sexual well-being                 
 Quality of life  
Practical issues
 Physical well-being                   
 Recovery time                   
 Duration of the procedure                   
 Time to completion of breast reconstruction                   
 Number of procedures required                   
 Clothing issues                   
 Financial issues                   
 Economic issues                   
 Patient-reported cosmetic outcome  
 Objective cosmetic outcome                   
 Cosmetic outcome assessed by patient’s partner                   
 Women’s cosmetic satisfaction  
  1. Abdo flaps abdominal flap reconstruction, BR breast reconstruction, CNS clinical nurse specialists, DBR delayed breast reconstruction, HCP health care professionals, IBR immediate breast reconstruction, LD latissimus dorsi flaps, post-op time post-operatively, psych psychologists, RBS reconstructive breast surgery, TM therapeutic mammaplasty