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Table 1 Primary and secondary outcome assessments and time points for Dialysis Optimal Health Program (DOHP)

From: Design and protocol for the Dialysis Optimal Health Program (DOHP) randomised controlled trial

Assessment tools Baseline 3-month 6-month 12-month
Primary outcomes
HADS (14 items) X X X X
Secondary outcomes
AQoL-6D (20 items) X X X X
Brief COPE (28 items) X X X X
Brief-IPQ (9 items) X X X X
CEQ (6 items)   X   
Clinical indices (e.g. Kt/V) X X X X
EQ-5D-3L (6 items) X X X X
GSE (10 items) X X X X
HCUQ (17 items) X X X X
KDQoL (24 items) X X X X
TEI-SF (9 Items)     X
TIPI (10 items) X    
WSAS (5 items) X X X X
  1. HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale [29], AQoL-6D Assessment of Quality of Life-6 Dimensions [25], Brief COPE [34] abbreviated version of the COPE Inventory [33], Brief-IPQ Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire [32], CEQ Credibility/Expectancy Questionnaire [37], EQ-5D-3 L European Quality of Life-5 Dimensions-3 Levels [26], GSE General Self-Efficacy Scale [31], HCUQ Health Care Utilisation Questionnaire [39], KDQoL Kidney Disease Quality of Life [30], TEI-SF Treatment Evaluation Inventory-Short Form [38], TIPI Ten-Item Personality Inventory [35], WSAS Work and Social Adjustment Scale [36]