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Table 3 Overview of blended treatment applied in each country

From: European COMPARative Effectiveness research on blended Depression treatment versus treatment-as-usual (E-COMPARED): study protocol for a randomized controlled, non-inferiority trial in eight European countries

Country Platform Duration Online/face-to-face Sequencing
FRa Moodbuster 16 wks 8/8 Alternate
DEa Moodbuster 10–13 wks 10/5 Alternate
NLa Moodbuster 20 wks 10/10 Alternate
PLa Moodbuster 6–10 wks 6/7 Alternate
ESPb Smiling is fun 10 wks 8/3 1-4-1-4-1
SE Iterapi 12 wks 8/4 Alternate
CHc Deprexis 18 wks 9/9 Alternate
UKa Moodbuster 11 wks 5/6 Alternate
  1. aAdditional module on physical exercise, and problem solving
  2. bAdditional module on coping skills
  3. cAdditional modules on mindfulness, interpersonal skills, positive psychology, emotion-focused therapy, and childhood experiences