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Table 2 Counselling content for the intervention group

From: Motivating smokers at outdoor public smoking hotspots to have a quit attempt with a nicotine replacement therapy sample: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Part A: Introduction of NRT
 1. Quitting smoking may cause withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, insomnia, frustration, anxiety, restlessness and craving for cigarettes
 2. Nicotine gum and patch can help relieve these symptoms
 3. Nicotine products are far less dangerous than cigarette smoking
 4. Scientific evidence strongly supports that NRT increases the quit rate and is a safe product.
Part B: Brief instruction for NRT patch
 1. Apply patch on clean and dry skin on the chest, back, upper arms, hips, etc.
 2. Apply one patch per day and remove before sleep
 3. Change the patch site daily to avoid skin irritation
Part C: Brief instruction for NRT gum
 1. Steps of chewing gum: slowly chew the gum 10–15 times → the taste gradually becomes stronger → park the gum in the buccal area for about 1–2 minutes → the taste gradually becomes lighter → repeat the above steps
 2. Avoid soft drinks, coffee and fruit juice 15 minutes before chewing
 3. Daily dosage should not be more than 15 pieces
Part D: Detailed instructions on NRT usage
 1. Minor side effects may appear such as insomnia, skin irritation, jaw ache, hiccups and mouth soreness, but they will disappear after a few days
 2. Make using NRT a daily habit
 3. The standard medication period is 8 weeks. Suggest the participants continue medication after using all samples
 4. Suggest the participants continue to use patch/gum even though feeling able to maintain abstinence
 5. Must reduce or quit smoking during using patch/gum, otherwise it will increase the intake of nicotine
 6. Tell others that you are using NRT, so that they can remind you to use it
 7. Advise the participant to have healthy food intake and exercise to prevent weight gain during quitting
 8.  Our counsellor will call the participants to follow-up the usage after 1 week
 9. Ask the participant to send back unused NRT to us in the enclosed envelope
 10. Call the quitline (1833183) for further enquires
  1. NRT nicotine replacement therapy