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Table 4 Subgroup analyses by endpoint

From: Subcutaneous immunoglobulin for maintenance treatment in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (The PATH Study): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Subgroup Primary efficacy analysis of Relapse rate INCAT total score Mean grip strength (dominant/ nondominant hand) I-RODS MRC sum score Time to relapse or withdrawal for any other reason IgG serum levels
Sex (male/female) X X X X X X  
Age group (≥18 years to ≤ 65 years, and > 65 years) X X X X X X  
Prestudy IVIg treatment modality (IVIg maintenance therapy, acute IVIg therapy)a X X X X X X  
Region (Japan/non-Japan) X       X
Relapse status (yes/no)        X
IVIg Dependency criterion: I-RODS or grip strength Xb       
  1. IgG immunoglobulin G, INCAT Inflammatory Neuropathy Cause and Treatment, IVIg intravenous immunoglobulin, MRC Medical Research Council, I-RODS Inflammatory-Rasch-built Overall Disability Scale
  2. aFor Japanese subjects only
  3. bThis subgroup analysis will only be conducted if the group size is ≥ 30