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Table 2 Summary of interview topics

From: “I didn’t really understand it, I just thought it’d help”: exploring the motivations, understandings and experiences of patients with advanced lung cancer participating in a non-placebo clinical IMP trial

Interview 1 topics Interviews 2 and 3 topics
Joining the trial
• Reasons for joining the trial
• Understanding of trial purpose, equipoise and different trial arms
• Preferences for and responses to trial arm allocation
• Understanding of and views on randomisation
• Experience of receiving and accessing information on the trial
Participating in the trial
• IG: Experiences of daily injections (administering injections, side effects, support, continuation)
• CG: Views on daily injections
• Experience of attending clinics
• Experience with and views on data collection processes
• Perceived benefits or disadvantages of being on the trial and suggestions for improvement
Treatment experiences and quality of life
• Length of time receiving treatment (e.g., chemotherapy)
• Understanding of treatment(s)
• Responses to treatment(s) (side effects and symptom management)
• Accessing information and support
• Impact of illness and treatments on quality of life (daily activities, hobbies, social and family life)
Symptom burden, management and quality of life
• Symptoms experienced
• Symptom management and coping
• Accessing support and information
• Impact on quality of life
• Responses to chemotherapy/other treatment
• Experiences of blood clots
Experiences of injecting (IG)
• Administering injections and adherence
• Side effects and effects on daily life
• Views on continuing with and/or stopping injections
Other health care and trial experiences
• Experience of receiving information on treatment and illness progression
• Experiences of visiting clinic and accessing health care support
• Contact with research nurse and experiences of trial-related appointments and information
End of study reflections (interview 3)
• Views on trial arm status at time of interview (compared with at start of trial)
•Perceived changes in symptoms and side effects over course of illness
• Differences between expectations of and experiences with treatment • General reflections on experiences of participating in the trial and views on participating in medical research
  1. CG, control group; IG, intervention group