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Table 2 Acupoints of the body and their functions

From: The combination effects of body acupuncture and auricular acupressure compared to sham acupuncture for body weight control: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Acupoint Classical effects of stimulation
Tianshu (ST-25) Restoring and harmonizing the flow of energy in the intestines; regulating the Qi; breaking up blocks
Daheng (SP-15) Expelling cold in digestive system; regulating gastrointestinal functions
Daimai (GB-26) Directing the Qi down into the lower body; stabilizing and harmonizing the lower tri-energizer (lower Jiao), thus draining dampness
Qihai (CV-6) Supplementing and regulating Qi and Yang; stabilizing and nourishing the kidneys
Zhongwan (CV-12) Regulating the stomach meridian, harmonizing stomach Qi; draining fluids
Zusanli (ST-36) Stabilizing and regulating the stomach meridian, harmonizing Qi and the blood
Fenglong (ST-40) Transforming body fluids; expelling phlegm
Sanyinjiao (SP-6) Regulating the spleen, liver and kidney meridian; intensifying and dynamizing fluids circulation