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Table 2 Study measures

From: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a very brief physical activity intervention delivered in NHS Health Checks (VBI Trial): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

  0 months 3 months
Accelerometer measures   
 Activity counts per minute   X
 Step counts per day   X
 Time (minutes/day) in light/sedentary activity   X
 Time (minutes/day) in moderate activity   X
 Time (minutes/day) in vigorous activity   X
 Time (minutes/day) in moderate or vigorous activity   X
Questionnaire measures   
 Physical activity energy expenditure (PAEE) (kj/kg/day)   X
 Home-based PAEE (kj/kg/day)   X
 Work-based PAEE (kj/kg/day)   X
 Leisure-based PAEE (kj/kg/day)   X
 Commuting PAEE (kj/kg/day)   X
 Screen/TV time (hours per day)   X
 Gender X  
 Age (calculated from date of birth) X  
 Ethnicity X  
 Education X  
 Employment status X  
 Household income X  
 Marital status X  
 Home ownership X  
 Vehicle ownership X  
 Dependents X  
 Individual deprivation score X  
 Area deprivation score (Index of Multiple Deprivation, IMD, based on home postcode) X  
 Recall of physical activity (PA) advice   X
 PA awareness   X
 Use of intervention materials   X
 Enactment of behaviour change techniques   X
 Contamination of sample   X
 Primary care visits   X
 Hospital visits   X
 Out of pocket expenditure   X
 Work productivity   X
National Health Service (NHS) Health Checks   
 10-year cardiovascular risk score (QRisk2) X  
 Activity level (Derived from GPPAQ) X  
 Duration of health check X  
 Nurse/Healthcare assistant delivery X  
 Physical activity referrals X