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Table 1 Study enrolment criteria

From: Danish study of Non-Invasive testing in Coronary Artery Disease (Dan-NICAD): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Criteria for inclusion
 - Patients with low intermediate pre-test risk of CAD, with an indication for CCTA
 - Qualified patients who have signed a written informed consent form
Criteria for exclusion
 - Age below 40
 - Pregnant women, including women who are potentially pregnant or lactating
 - Contra-indication for adenosine (severe asthma, advanced AV block, or critical aorta stenosis)
 - Reduced kidney function, with an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) < 40 mL/min.
 - Contra-indications for MRI
 - Allergy to X-ray contrast medium
 - Previous PCI, CABG, or POBA
  1. CAD coronary artery disease, CCTA coronary computed tomography angiography, MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, PCI percutaneous coronary intervention, CABG: coronary artery bypass grafting, POBA: plain old balloon angioplasty