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Table 2 Participant profile

From: ‘The trial is owned by the team, not by an individual’: a qualitative study exploring the role of teamwork in recruitment to randomised controlled trials in surgical oncology

Study ID Centre Job title
P1 1 Consultant oncologist
P2 1 Consultant oncologist
P3 1 Research nurse
P4 1 Clinical trials co-ordinator
P5 1 Consultant surgeon, Principle investigator
P6 2 Consultant oncologist, Principle investigator
P7 2 Consultant oncologist
P8 2 Consultant surgeon
P9 2 Consultant surgeon
P10 2 Research nurse
P11 2 Research nurse
P12 3 Consultant surgeon
P13 3 Consultant surgeon
P14 3 Consultant surgeon
P15 3 Consultant surgeon
P16 3 Consultant surgeon, Chief investigator
P17 3 Consultant oncologist
P18 3 Research nurse
P19 3 Research nurse
P20 3 Research fellow
P21 3 Specialist UGI nurse
  1. UGI Upper gastro-intestinal