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Table 5 Excerpts from Recommendations of the Implementation Group, May 2015

From: Recruiting and consenting into a peripartum trial in an emergency setting: a qualitative study of the experiences and views of women and healthcare professionals

It is ‘…recommended that the pathway to be used in the main trial should draw upon the principles of the pathway developed by Vernon et al. but be “scaled down”. It was proposed that information about the trial should be displayed in settings where women receive their antenatal care in the form of posters and leaflets. It was also agreed that these documents should contain clear information about how women could access further information should they wish to do so; for instance, by providing contact details of trial staff and links to websites (Got-it or local Trust websites) containing more information about the trial and about retained placentas). The potential to use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook was also highlighted. It was suggested that the proposed method of information delivery would meet the needs of women who are “information hungry” whilst not overburdening those who are not.’
It is ‘…recommended that those women who are identified as being at increased risk of having a retained placenta (e.g. due to having had one previously) should, when possible, be targeted during the antenatal period and these individuals should be given a trial information sheet.’