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Table 1 Description of SMS4BG modules

From: Text message-based diabetes self-management support (SMS4BG): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Module Description Participants Duration Example message
Core module Two messages per week providing general motivation and support for diabetes management. Available in 3 version:
All 3 to 9 months SMS4BG: Kia ora. Control of your glucose levels involves eating the right kai, exercise & taking your medication. Your whānau, doctor & nurse can help you
SMS4BG: Talofa (name). by managing your diabetes well (including eating well and exercising) you can show your family that diabetes can be controlled
SMS4BG: There is no quick fix to diabetes but with good management it will have less impact on your life and leave you more time to do the things you enjoy
Insulin module One educational text message per week around insulin management and hypos for patients receiving insulin Available to participants who are prescribed insulin 3 to 9 months SMS4BG: Keep unopened insulin in the fridge. Don’t use insulin that has changed colour, is lumpy, expired, cracked or leaking, or has been frozen or overheated
Young adult module One message per week around managing diabetes in the context or work/school and social situations Available to participants aged 16–24 3 to 9 months SMS4BG: Unsure whether to tell your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend about diabetes? This can be tough but people who care about you will want to know & support you
Smoking cessation module One message per month encouraging participants to consider quitting smoking and providing details of services for support All participants who register as smokers 3 to 9 months SMS4BG: (hi) (name). Good management of your diabetes & your future health includes not smoking, call Quitline on 0800 778 778 for support
Lifestyle behaviour modules Up to 4 messages per week encouraging participants to set a lifestyle goal and supporting them to work towards this goal. Participants can receive one of these modules for 3 months. The three lifestyle modules are:
Healthy eating
Stress and mood
Available to all participants Each module 3 months SMS4BG: Healthy eating is an important part of your diabetes treatment and it will help you in controlling your blood glucose levels
SMS4BG: If you are too tired to exercise at the end of the day, try waking up early & doing your exercise in the morning. It will energise you for the day
SMS4BG: (hi) (name). Make sure you have fun activities scheduled regularly. Doing something enjoyable helps reduce stress & improves mood
Blood glucose monitoring Reminders to test blood glucose, sent at a frequency selected by the patient, for which they are encouraged to respond by reply text message with their blood sugar readings. In addition informational messages around managing hypos. Available to all participants required to monitor their blood glucose 3 to 9 months SMS4BG: (hi) (name). Just a reminder it is time to check your blood glucose. Reply with the result.
If valid response received to reminder, ‘SMS4BG: Thank you for sending your result’
SMS4BG: Hypoglycaemias (hypos) are when your blood glucose drops too low (i.e. less than 4 mmol/L). If this happens take something with sugar immediately
Foot care module Reminders and motivational messages supporting engagement in foot care Available to those who are classified as high risk or have active foot disease 3 to 9 months SMS4BG: Looking after your feet will help to prevent issues in the future. Check your feet daily & contact your doctor, nurse or podiatrist if there are changes
Cardiovascular check reminder Reminder to engage in a yearly cardiovascular assessment Available to those who qualify 3 months SMS4BG: (hi) (name). Next time you see your doctor ask about getting a cardiovascular check done. You should have one each year