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Table 1 Composition of carbetocin RTS and carbetocin

From: Room temperature stable carbetocin for the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage during the third stage of labour in women delivering vaginally: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

New carbetocin RTS formulation Current carbetocin refrigerated formulation (Duratocin®, Ferring)a
Component Amount (mg/mL) Function Component Amount (mg/mL Function
Carbetocin 0.100 Active substance Carbetocin 0.100 Active substance
Succinic acid 1.19 Buffer Sodium chloride 9 Isotonicity agent
Mannitol 47.0 Isotonicity agent Glacial acetic acid to pH 3.8 pH adjustment
L-methionine 1.00 Antioxidant Water for injection 1.0 mL Solvent
Sodium hydroxide 2 N to pH 5.45 pH adjustment -- -- --
Water for injection 1.0 mL Solvent -- -- --
  1. aCarbetocin 100 μg/mL was first approved in Canada in June 1997 and is currently registered in more than 70 countries under the trade names PABAL/DURATOCIN/LONACTENE/DURATOBAL
  2. RTS room temperature stable