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Table 2 Study assessments at specific time points

From: Diet and exercise in uterine cancer survivors (DEUS pilot) - piloting a healthy eating and physical activity program: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

    Study Period
  Staff member Pre-study screening/consent Baseline Allocation Post-allocation
Time point    Week -3 Week 0 Week 1 Week 8 Week 24
Eligibility screen Interviewer X      
Informed consent Interviewer X      
Allocation Study Coordinator    X    
Shape-up Interviewer       
Usual care Interviewer       
Socio-demographic data Interviewer   X     
EORTC-QLQ-C30 Interviewer   X    X X
EORTC-QLQ-EN34 Interviewer   X    X X
Dietary assessment Interviewer   X    X X
Physical activity Interviewer   X    X X
Weight Interviewer   X    X X
Height Interviewer   X     
Body composition Interviewer   X    X X
Waist circumference Interviewer   X    X X
Hand-grip strength Interviewer   X    X X
Blood pressure Interviewer   X    X X
Shape Up evaluation Interviewer      X 2 X 2
Control group input Interviewer       X3
Qualitative interviews Interviewer      X X
Health care resource use Interviewer       X
EQ5D-3 L Interviewer   X    X X
Serious adverse report form Study Coordinator As needed throughout the protocol
  1. 1Closeout for the control group will be at week 40 after receiving the intervention
  2. 2Only the intervention group
  3. 3Only in the control group