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Table 1 Assessment measures and application plan

From: Comparing systemic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorders: study protocol for a randomized controlled pilot trial

Purpose Perspective Domain Instrument Screening Baseline 8th, 15th, 20th hour of therapy End of therapy, no later than 26th hour of therapy 9 and 12 months after beginning of therapy
      T1 T2 to T4 T5 T6 and T7
Screening Pat Social anxiety LSAS-SR X     
Diag Mental disorder SAD SCID: SAD X     
Outcome Diag Mental disorders SCID I, II X    X  
Pat Social anxiety LSAS-SR X X X X X
Pat Social anxiety SIAS X X X X X
Pat Social anxiety SPS X X X X X
Diag Global functioning GAF X X   X  
Pat Depression BDI-II X X X X X
Pat, Ref General symptom severity BSI X X X X X
Pat, Ref Experience of social systems EXIS X X X X X
Pat, Ref Evaluation of social systems EVOS X X X X X
Pat, Ref Dyadic adjustment DAS-12 X X X X X
Pat Interpersonal problems IIP-32 X X X X X
Pat, Ref Symptom adjustment ASS X X X X X
Ref Burden BAS   X X X X
Process Pat, T Therapeutic alliance SACiP    X X X
Pat, T Therapeutic relationship SRS    X X X
Pat Therapy motivation URICA    X X X
Pat, T Credibility OAT   X    
Therapists T Common therapist factors DPCCQ   X X X X
Quality R Adherence and competence STAS, CTAS-SP   X X X X
Additional service Pat Service receipt CSSRI-EU     X X
  1. Diag, diagnostician; Pat, patient; R, researcher; Ref, reference person (most important significant other); T, therapist. ASS, Adjustment to Symptomatology Scale; BAS, Burden Assessment Scale; BDI-II, Beck Depression Inventory II; BSI, Brief Symptom Inventory; CSSRI-EU, Client Sociodemographic and Service Receipt Inventory; CTAS-SP, Cognitive Therapy Adherence Scale for Social Phobia; DAS-12, Dyadic Adjustment Scale; DPCCQ, Development of Psychotherapist Common Core Questionnaire; EVOS, Evaluation of Social Systems; EXIS, Experience in Social Systems; GAF, Global Assessment of Functioning; IIP-32, Inventory of Interpersonal Problems, short form; LSAS-SR, Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale, self-report measure; OAT, Opinion About Treatment; SACiP, Scale for the Multiperspective Assessment of General Change Mechanisms in Psychotherapy; SCID I,II, Structured Clinical Interview for DSM Disorders I and II; SCID: SAD, Structured Clinical Interview for DSM disorders: Social Anxiety Disorders; SIAS, Social Interaction Anxiety Scale; SPS, Social Phobia Scale; SRS, Session Rating Scale; STAS, Systemic Therapy Adherence Scale; URICA, University of Rhode Island Change Assessment Scale