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Table 2 Data collected during PrEvENT

From: Prostate cancer - evidence of exercise and nutrition trial (PrEvENT): study protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility trial

Participant assessment Who When
Usual care team Consultant Research nurse Participant Research team Pre-screening Cohort baseline appointment Surgery Cohort follow-up/true trial baseline appointment 6-month intervention duration 3-month follow-up appointment 6-month follow-up appointment Evaluation interview
Eligibility screening X X X    X        
Informed consent    X X    X   X     
Demographic data     X    X   X   X X  
Family medical history     X    X   X   X X  
Anthropometric data weight, height, % body fat    X     X   X   X X  
Blood sample    X     X   X    X  
Diet data FFQ [43]     X    X   X   X X  
Physical activity data Recent Physical Activity Questionnaire [44]     X    X   X   X X  
Urinary symptoms ICSmale-SF [45]     X    X   X   X X  
Psychological measures POMS-SF [46] and Benefit Finding Scale [47]     X    X   X   X X  
Health beliefs data Adapted from [37] and [32]     X    X   X   X X  
Quality of life measures FACT-P [48]     X    X   X   X X  
General health data SF-12 [49]     X    X   X   X X  
Cancer related fatigue FACIT-Fatigue [48]     X    X   X   X X  
Lifestyle data Drinking and smoking     X    X   X   X X  
Accelerometry data     X    X   X    X  
Prostate tissue   X       X      
Pedometer data     X       X    
Daily monitoring data Step count, record of fruit, vegetable, dairy and lycopene intake     X       X    
Qualitative evaluation data     X X         X