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Table 3 Timeline for the self-report measures

From: APOLO-Bari, an internet-based program for longitudinal support of bariatric surgery patients: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  Registration Baseline (T b) 4-month midterm assessment (T m4) 8-month midterm assessment (T m8) Final (end of treatment) assessment (T f) 6-month follow-up assessment (T fu6) 12-month follow-up assessment (T fu12) Weekly
Sociodemographic weight history X
Clinical inventory X X X X X X
Repetitive Eating Questionnaire [12] X X X X X X
Depression Anxiety Stress Scales [36] X X X X X X
Eating Disorder – 15 [37] X X X X X X
Negative Urgency Subscale [38] X X X X X X
Influence of weight X X X X X X
Satisfaction questionnaire Intervention group
Eating and exercise behaviors (Table 4) Control group Control group Control group Control group X X Intervention group
  1. X available for both intervention and control group