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Table 1 Data collection schedule

From: Tablet-Aided BehavioraL intervention EffecT on Self-management skills (TABLETS) for Diabetes

Questionnaires/measurements Screening visit Baseline visit 2.5 months visit 6.5 months visit
Primary outcome measures     
Physical activity (GPAQ)   x x x
Diet (REAPS)   x x x
Medication adherence (MMAS)   x x x
Self-monitoring behavior   x x x
Secondary outcome measures     
HbA1c x   x x
LDL cholesterol x   x x
Blood pressure x   x x
CVD risk (FRS)   x x x
Quality of life (SF-12)   x x x
Process measures     
Knowledge/information   x x x
Motivation   x x x
Behavioral skills   x x x
Self-efficacy   x x x
Empowerment   x x x
Tablet usability   x x x
Patient demographics x    
Medical comorbidity (chronic health conditions – BRFSS)   x x x
Social support (MOS)   x x x
Health literacy (s-TOFHLA)   x x x
Brief literacy screener (Chew)   x x x
Depression (PHQ-9)   x x x