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Table 1 Therapy component checklist

From: The clinical and cost effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy plus treatment as usual for the treatment of depression in advanced cancer (CanTalk): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Session the component was covered: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
General procedures             
Initial assessment             
Describe Beck’s model and concept of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)             
Agree on goals of therapy             
Present a shared formulation             
Goal setting             
Review of shared formulation             
Review of success list             
Relapse prevention/future planning             
Behavioural techniques             
Relaxation training             
Breathing space             
Activity schedule             
Pleasure experiences sheet             
Cognitive techniques             
Refocusing techniques             
4-Step process for resilience and coping             
Coping map             
List of strengths and resources             
Success list             
Thought diary             
Personal rule (pros/cons)             
Managing worry (worry tree handout)             
Blueprint for coping             
Cognitive-behavioural Techniques             
Guided discovery             
Pleasure prediction sheet             
Pleasure experiences sheet             
Negative triad/negative automatic thoughts             
Applying resilience             
Thinking traps handout             
Reality testing             
Searching for alternatives             
ABC form             
Specific cancer topics             
Impact of physical illness             
Beliefs and expectations about illness             
Plans and hopes for care as disease advances             
Relationship between emotions and physical symptoms             
Concerns about current and future ability to cope             
Concerns about loss of control             
Concerns about accepting help             
Concerns about dying (mode/afterwards/life expectancy)             
Impact of disease and mood on behaviour             
Impact of disease/death on loved ones             
Discussion of ‘the meaning’ of the illness             
Acceptance of unfinished business