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Table 2 Diffusion of European Communication on Research Awareness Needs (ECRAN) materials

From: A European multi-language initiative to make the general population aware of independent clinical research: the European Communication on Research Awareness Need project

Materials (period of analysis) Results
Website access (March 2013 to August 2015) Unique visitors: 35,151 average session duration: 1 m 50 s
Animated film (July 2013 to September 2015) 19,070 video views
3270 YouTube views
English, German, Italian and Spanish are the most used language
Serious games downloaded 361 ECRAN Lab
344 ECRAN Maze
Open letter (petition) (May 2014 to August 2015) 439 signatures
Link to ECRAN web 1120 links from 85 sites
Congress, meeting, training course 35 (25 for scientific community, 13 for lay people)
• in newsletter and lay press journals 23
• on website pages 38
Brochures distributed during congresses and events 1200 in English
2000 in Italian
200 in German
200 in Spanish
200 in French
200 in Polish